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Check out the NPAA Action Center!

The NPAA legislative committee, led by Vice President for Policy, monitors events at the Capitol; meeting with legislators, and scrutinizing legislation. We support legislation that promotes NPs throughout our state and also promote bills that advance scope of practice for all NPs in Alabama.

NPAA has a new grassroots platform that was purchased to help connect with members in real time and promote more NPAA member engagement in legislative efforts.  We plan to upload member information into NPAA VoterVoice and we will be able to send out text messages and emails to keep you informed on legislative issues. We want you to consider downloading the VoterVoice App as well to assist with functionality.  (Note:  This app will not work with some Android phones.  We are working with VoterVoice to resolve this problem)

We need each member to update their NPAA profile to ensure we connect you with your district representatives in VoterVoice. To update your profile, go to the NPAA website, then click on the VIEW PROFILE link in the top right-hand corner and EDIT profile.

The legislative session begins on March 7, 2023, and adjourns on June 14, 2023. Dr. Lisa S. Pair, NPAA VP of Policy, and Dr. Eileen Meyer, Senior Policy Advisor, plan to attend the legislative session every Wednesday to get to know the legislators. If you would like to meet the NPAA group on Wednesdays at the capital to meet your legislators, we will gladly attend the meeting with you. Click here to sign up!

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